Apparently, the drafts of the Orphan Works legislation that I posted about and made available for download were intended to be confidential until they are officially introduced. I’m temporarily disabling the post until that happens, probably some time in the next day or two.

To be clear, I wasn’t party to any confidentiality agreement, but I’m hiding the post anyway because I think the bill is important, and I don’t want anything to stand in the way of its consideration.

4 thoughts on “Oops

  1. I hope you will think long and hard about championing a bill that makes it easier for people to use art of living artist without permission. Perhaps in the librarian world everyone follows the law and always respects rights. That is not the case in the commercial art world. This bill is making our ability to practically protect our product from confiscation and misuse almost nil by effectively stripping the penalties for those that ignore the law, and creating a system that requires the need to prove intent, when that has never been possible.

    Britt Griswold

  2. D’oh, clearly I should have had this blog on RSS! I spent about half an hour on the phone today with various Senatorial staffers (and another half hour waiting for the press secretary for the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee to call me back) trying to confirm the rumor that a bill was going to be introduced this week (short answer: yes). I’d love to read an advance copy, but I can wait for it to come up in THOMAS.

  3. It had to be the worst kept secret in the world, since people have been commenting on specifics of the legislation for the better part of a week.

    Britt, the bill doesn’t strip penalties from those that misuse the law, and copyright law has had intent concepts (such as “good faith”) for some time. The goal is to remove the penalties for those people who are acting in good faith, and not reward bad actors who still face the same penalties that they currently face. If you have a better or more fair solution than this particular proposal, please share it. (I’m not being facetious- I really would like to hear fair alternative proposals.)

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