University of Michigan Library adopts Creative Commons licenses

I am thrilled to report that the University of Michigan Library has adopted Creative Commons licenses for Library-produced content.

From the press release:

The University of Michigan Library is adopting Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial licenses for all works created by the Library for which the Regents of the University of Michigan hold the copyrights. These works include bibliographies, research guides, lesson plans, and technology tutorials. The Library believes that the adoption of Creative Commons licenses is perfectly aligned with our mission, “to contribute to the common good by collecting, organizing, preserving, communicating, and sharing the record of human knowledge.”

Commented University Librarian Paul Courant, “Using Creative Commons licenses is another way the University Library can act on its commitment to the public good. By marking our copyrighted content as available for reuse, we offer the University community and the public a rich set of educational resources free from traditional permissions barriers.”

It is a proud week to be a Michigan librarian (see also this announcement about the new Hathi Trust shared digital repository, and this one about our shiny new Espresso Book Machine). It’s amazing to work in a library that has strongly committed to innovation without losing sight of a core value system centered around public service. I feel very lucky. Go blue!

3 thoughts on “University of Michigan Library adopts Creative Commons licenses

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  3. great, congrats!
    i’m going to mention that in my report, along with all the other great things i saw at the UoM libraries. i especially like your statement on being committed to innovation without forgetting about the core tasks. we talked about how important that is at the frankfurt bookfair during a discussion on the future of libraries; it’ll also be one of the key conclusions in my report.
    keep up the good work. and go blue ;-)!!

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