ACRL Roundtable: Fostering a Culture of Sharing

Next week is the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) conference in Philadelphia (my hometown!). I’ll be hosting a roundtable called “Fostering a Culture of Sharing on Campus.”

Full description:

Academic libraries have focused increasing attention over the last few years on encouraging open access (OA) publishing among faculty authors. While some institutions have had success encouraging faculty to adopt OA policies, such a narrow approach is very limited. How can we as librarians work more broadly to foster a culture of sharing on our campuses, one that would improve access not just to peer reviewed scholarly literature, but also to teaching materials, data, textbooks, images, and all the other knowledge and creativity that is generated at colleges and universities?

When: Friday, April 1 ยท 12:15pm – 1:15pm
Where: Roundtable 27 (Exhibit Hall A, Pennsylvania Convention Center)

I’m very interested to hear what others are already doing to foster a culture of sharing on their campuses, and I also plan to have the group do some brainstorming so that we can walk away with concrete things we can do back at our home institutions. If we get stuck I’m likely to borrow the technique that Jane Park used to such great effect at Drumbeat: 1) Make a list of barriers to sharing on campus. 2) Pick one barrier, and make a list of possible solutions. 3) Pick one solution, and figure out how we might actually implement it.

If you’ll be at ACRL and you’re interested in openness on campus, I hope you’ll join me.

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