Projects & Publications

Open Attribute, a ridiculously simple way to attribute open content on the web. Featured by BoingBoing and Library Journal, among others.
Common Cycle, a non-profit dedicated to making it easier for people in Ann Arbor to ride their bikes by providing access to tools, education, and space.

Selected Publications
Reaching the Heart of the University: Libraries and the Future of OER. Presented at the Open Ed 2010 Conference, November 2-4 2010, Barcelona. Co-authors: Ted Hanss and Pieter Kleymeer.

The Beauty of Some Rights Reserved: Introducing Creative Commons to librarians, faculty, and students. C&RL News, November 2008 Vol. 69, No. 10.

A Few Things Every Instruction Librarian Should Know About Copyright. LOEX Quarterly, Volume 35 Issue 2, Summer 2008. (LOEX Quarterly is only available to subscribers for the first twelve months after publication, so this link takes you to the version that I deposited in our institutional repository).

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  1. Hi – I have a question about the CC Share Alike license. I am working on a method to improve second language vocabulary acquisition which is based on memory for striking and emotionally affective images. I often use photoshop to sharpen, brighten and crop images. Years of work have been spent on this. Does the use of one CC SA image require the entire project to be given away, or am I only obligated to provide access to the original image?

    If you can help I would very much appreciate it.


    Miles Becker

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