Creative Commons Annual Campaign and CC Learn Productions

Here’s a post-Thanksgiving CC two-fer to kick off the holiday season…

1) Every year, Creative Commons holds a big fundraising campaign, and they ask a few members of the CC community to write letters explaining what makes CC so important and why they support it. This year I wrote one of those letters focusing on CC Learn and the tremendous value of open educational resources. This feels a bit like self promotion, but it’s me promoting myself promoting CC, so I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway: Check it out, grow the Commons.

2) I just found out that several months ago CC Learn launched a series of reports, guides and documentation to help support people who are running and building open education initiatives. They’re short and clear and useful; I’m particularly fond of Why CC BY? (pdf). Now the folks at CC Learn are developing a series of advanced topics that go into more detail on particularly complicated subjects. The first one is on trademark, a topic almost as confusing as copyright for most humans, and in particular on the ways that CC and trademark are not necessarily incompatible. It clarified some things for me and I recommend checking it out if you have any concerns at all about branding and the use of CC licenses.

La la, CC is awesome, happy December!