Experimenting with Slideshare

Slideshare is one of those specialized Web 2.0 creations that I hear a lot about but have never really found a use for. Like Twitter, only more time intensive and with pictures. Since I teach a lot of workshops and periodically get requests to share my slides, it seems like the kind of thing I might use and appreciate, so I’m giving it a try.

I created a new page called Workshops and Presentations to link to some of my recent workshops and presentations in Slideshare. For now there’s just one, about Creative Commons. Another on copyright, author rights, and the NIH mandate is coming soon. I just taught a workshop on Open Access as well, but the OA landscape changes so frequently that it’s already out of date.

I have doubts about the usefulness of these Slideshare presentations, especially since there’s no audio and I tend to keep my slides light on text. I am putting up handouts as well, but the talks themselves are largely improvised, and there’s no script or set of notes to share. It will be interesting to see what if any feedback these get.